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Managed IT

"We look after your IT so you don’t have to." "We look after your IT so you don’t have to."

Managed IT

Infrastructure Manangement

The IT infrastructure is the foundation of a stable and secure environment.

Often IT infrastructure can be the most neglected aspect of companies’ IT investment as it sits “behind the scenes”. However getting this right is essential to ensure both that systems operate efficiency and also that they are flexible to handle future changes and new services. UMZ excel at getting it right by:

  • Ensuring your core systems run on enterprise level hardware and software
  • Using advanced monitoring tools from companies such as HP and Microsoft
  • Keeping abreast of ever changing technologies
  • Purchasing all equipment through reputable reseller

Service Manangement

At UMZ we are committed to ensuring you get the right service for your business.

The service we provide is constantly evolving as technologies advance. Any updates your IT systems require are immediately rolled out real-time with no disruption to users. We provide SLAs for all services including:

  • Availability – all systems will be available 24/7, with pre agreed maintenance windows.
  • Support – support will be everything detailed in the SLA agreement, you will only pay for what you need.
  • Reporting issues – any system failure that takes place will be reported within xxx timeframe and fixed according to your SLA agreement.


Hosted Email Services

Email communication is now seen as business critical by a vast number of companies and clients of UMZ are no exception. We offer a hosted exchange platform at our data centre, Telstra, where clients can have peace of mind that their email systems are available 24/7 and highly secure.




UMZ provides two kinds of support:


  • Contract based support

For those companies looking for regular IT assistance, we recommend our contract based support. Key features include:

  • Rolling monthly contract
  • Tailored for you with agreed services, SLA’s and hours
  • Minimum annual review to ensure value for money


  • Pay as you go support

A simple start to IT support with no contractual obligations typically for smaller companies. Key features include:

  • Pay only for the service used and keep important IT costs under control
  • On demand access to highly professional technicians
  • Periodic review of support levels provided to ensure you are on the right contract