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“Access applications and services at any time
from any place over the internet – work in the
cloud and reap the benefits.”
“Access applications and services at any time
from any place over the internet – work in the
cloud and reap the benefits.”


Cloud services, an area where UMZ excels

Hosted Desktop (Network)

The cloud journey starts with a hosted cloud desktop sometimes known as a virtual desktop. Using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services technology, UMZ offers you a tried and tested remote working solution that can be accessed securely from anywhere.

With this service devices, such as your PC at work, your laptop at home, an iPad or a tablet, simply become terminals which connect to a server which has access to the internet 24/7. This gives our clients the flexibility to work either in the office or “on the go” ie at home, at a client’s office abroad or wherever they may be, connecting to a remote desktop located at our highly secure data centre.

UMZ offers all hosted applications that businesses typically use including:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Google Chrome
  • Tikit TfB Partner for windows
  • Bighand Dictation services
  • Redbrick Case Management
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office

Hosted Servers (web, CRM)

UMZ offers clients a range of hosted server options which, similar to a hosted desktop, are available 24/7 including:

Using Microsoft’s web server platform, IIS 7, we can host your website at our secure data centre. We have available a variety of different programming languages including ASP.NET, PHP 5, MySQL, HTML, WPF and can provide remote access for your website developer if required.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A number of UMZ clients also use our web services to host their CRM services.

UMZ offers a hosted exchange email system at Telstra, our secure data centre in London’s docklands. Many of our clients have realised that with email communication now being business critical is it no longer an option to have these services running from their own offices.

Hosted Backups

We offer a hosted backup service for all your applications and data on UMZ’s secure servers. This means that if anything should happen with your data, there is an immediate backup solution in place with data available immediately.

Our team of engineers will tailor the best form of backup management for your systems as part of our technical IT audit. We can offer custom daily or weekly scheduled backup tasks to our cloud site located in secure data centre.


Cloud Security

Security of data is paramount in today’s world. We are proud to say that our servers and systems are amongst some of the most secure in the business. We use a number of different security systems including:

  • Sophos Enterprise as it has a proven track record of providing one of the best and secure anti-virus systems in the world.
  • Websense® email security has grown to be one of the best and cost effective solutions out there.
  • Cloud Email Security and Content Control integrates best-in-class web and data security technology with email security to achieve unparalleled visibility and protection against today’s targeted and blended threats.


  • Access cloud based applications and services from anywhere at any time
  • Peace of mind that your business critical systems and data are safe and secure
  • Flexibility to scale your IT systems as your business grows