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Business Continuity

“Business continuity is defined as an
organisation’s ability to continue to deliver
its services at a satisfactory level after
a disruptive incident."
(Source: ISO 22301:2012)

Business Continuity

Planning and Consultancy

At UMZ we have broad experience of assisting companies at the highest level of their Business Continuity planning with the aim of producing feasible and quick reaction disaster recover (DR) plans in the event of an incident.

Following a major incident, we can get you returning to “business as usual” with a minimal amount of disruption to you and your staff.

Back up management

For an entry level option, we offer a backup management solution that has an encompassing DR element, this ensure the data is available in usable state directly from UMZ servers in the cloud.

Our team of engineers will tailor the best form of backup management for your systems as part of our technical IT audit. We can offer custom dailyweekly scheduled backup tasks to our cloud storage site.

We offer a site backup solution, we understand some organisations IT limitations and allow for a low tech solution if that achieves the objectives.

Data Centre

UMZ is able to offer clients highly secure and resilient data centre facilities at Telstra, located in London’s Docklands. We offer clients:

  • Highly secure facilities, with CCTV, security guards, access control and intrusion detection
  • Reliable and high speed connectivity offering scalable and resilient solutions
  • Diverse power with backup diesel generators
  • Optimum temperature for IT systems to work effectively 24/7
  • Room for expansion as your company’s requirements change

Disaster recovery

In the event of an incident, it is important to limit the amount of downtime as much as possible. We offer the following services:


  • Data Centre Hosted Solution

Remote Desktop Services enable users to immediately access network applications and data. With this service devices, such as your PC at work, your laptop at home, an iPad or a tablet, simply become terminals which connect to a secure server hosted in the data centre which has access to the internet 24/7.

The major advantage of this from a disaster recovery is that in the event of an incident you are able to immediately resume work from another “terminal” as all of your services and data are held at a remote location, in this instance UMZ’s secure data centre.


  • Self-Hosted Solution

Using Symantec’s award winning Backup Exec software, we can also offer an alternative DR solution. With a dedicated “backup” server, you can have all your backups written to a backup tape via Symantec’s Backup Exec Software every night. This nightly tape effectively becomes your solution if a disruptive incident should occur, as we would then be able restore you entire systems to its previous state.

This service suits some of our smaller clients, who are typically running one or two servers


  • Continue to operate as normal in the event of a disaster
  • Immediate access to your data
  • Access to a world class data centre providing security, and diverse power and cooling with redundancy